What We Do

Our Projects

One Health – Human, Environment and animal health has been of global concern over years as both help in national and global development. Promoting and supporting human and animal health is vital and helps in attaining sustainable development in every sector. Our projects focus on supporting human health by giving education on various health-related issues to the community as well as supporting in making better health provision services by supporting facilities that are useful in marginalized dispensaries. We also focus on supporting the pastoral community that has no access to veterinary services with various services such as animal diagnosis as well as education on various animal disease prevention and management.

Education and Awareness – Developing education is a key to helping successive generations overcome their history of poverty. B2B promotes and supports opportunities for all in education by enabling more children, particularly girls, to attend school for longer, so that, better educated, they have the tools to rise out of poverty.

Education also helps to enlighten attitudes toward environmental conservation, wildlife protection, equity, community health, the empowerment of women, good governance, and overall sustainable development. Through workshops, seminars and film shows, B2B provides education and awareness about conserving natural resources and using them sustainably.

Wildlife and Conservation – With the rate at which the human population is increasing in many African countries, the protected wildlife reserves are under ever-increasing pressures.  Traditional farming, livestock keeping, and other practices do not tend to be very sustainable; clearing land and exhausting resources.  It is understandable that communities living in poverty use the available land and wildlife for food and to meet their needs, B2B develops different approaches through its programs such as Chimpanzee protection, Eco tourism development, and good governance for sustainable resource management.

Our research and sciences – The B2B Research collects continuous data for chimpanzees, the environment, and preys that allows disease evaluations of trends in ecosystem health. This is done through two main approaches: sample collection and analysis, which allows us to answer the ‘what’ question about One health trends in wildlife, humans, and environments on the landscape.