Joyce Landreth

Posted By b2badmin on Feb 7, 2015

Joyce Landreth has almost 30 years’ experience in Information Technology. She has held positions of increasing responsibility in the private sector, public sector and academia, including Information Technology Support Center Coordinator for the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. In her current position as Director for Information Technology Support at Virginia Tech, she is responsible for providing strategic management, planning and direction to the Virginia Tech Information Technology support organization.

She has extensive experience in all levels of computing, including help desk, personnel management, strategic planning, solution development, problem solving, project management, purchasing, and customer support.

Joyce holds a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science as well as a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology from Radford University. She also holds Diversity Ally and Diversity Advocate certificates from Virginia Tech. A self-proclaimed extrovert with an eye for detail, Joyce has made it her life’s work to make connections between people and teams using mostly self-taught communication skills. I love to share my opinions – just ask!

In her spare time, she enjoys watching her children grow into young adulthood and taking care of a gaggle of cats and dogs. She also enjoys traveling, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.