Dr. Laura R. Johnson

Posted By b2badmin on Mar 5, 2015

Dr. Laura R. Johnson is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Mississippi.

She conducts and supervises research, trains students in the PhD program, and teaches multicultural, environmental and clinical psychology, an interdisciplinary course on ecology and youth in Tanzania, and intercultural communication for the Croft Institute for International Studies.

Laura’s research is transnational – it spans cultural, conservation and peace psychology with a focus on positive youth development and intercultural relations in a changing global environment. Laura has received two US Fulbright grants for research in East Africa (youth developmental assets and action for the environment and peace), a National Geographic Conservation Trust grant (connected scientists with youth to conduct biodiversity assessments in Uganda) and an IIE grant to provide intercultural training.

Since 2000, Laura has been a research partner with Jane Goodall’s global environmental program, Roots&Shoots and Wildlife Clubs of Uganda. She is an alumni of American Psychological Association’s Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP) (2008-2010) and is currently serving as chair of the long range strategic planning committee of APA‘s international division (#52) and has served on editorial boards of journals including International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Consultation and Practice, Intercultural Relations, and Ecopsychology. Laura has written several book chapters on multicultural psychology and ethnopolitical conflict and multiple journal articles. Laura co-founded and supervises the Cultural Connections project for international students and the Lambda support group for GLBT students. She has been an international student in Kenya (87-88) and a Peace Corps volunteer in Papua New Guinea (93-95).

Laura received her PhD from the University of Louisville (2003) and completed her internship at the Refugee Health Program of Colorado.