Andrew J. McCann

Posted By b2badmin on Feb 7, 2015

Andrew McCann is the founder of, a creator of transformational writing skills acquisition software and curriculum based in Austin, TX.

Prior to joining launching 11trees, McCann led prepU, an adaptive quizzing business within Macmillan New Ventures and, in 2006, founded Waypoint Outcomes, an early leader in the authentic assessment of learning outcomes.

He has worked closely with diverse institutions across the public, private, and for-profit higher education sectors to improve student outcomes through data-driven decision making and prepare for accreditation visits.

McCann holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MA in Creative Writing and English Literature. He taught engineering design and humanities in Drexel University’s interdisciplinary first-year engineering curriculum for ten years. Way back in 1998 his short story “Zenith” was chosen by Pulitzer Prize winner Carol Shields for inclusion in an anthology published by Scribners. Earlier in his career he helped build steam turbines, diesel locomotive engines, TV screens, and plate steel.

He blogs at and you can connect with him on LinkedIn.